All prices listed in USD.

All payment is upfront and done through PayPal.

Arpasing, Delta, Gros Mot, Petit Mot, VCV-E and custom lists are accepted and priced on a case-by-case basis. This is because these lists vary wildly on how a specific person might record them, and can fluctuate by hundreds to thousands of entries in size.

I do not take MIDI commissions. If you want a UST, please provide me with a MIDI, SVP, VSQx, USTx, blank UST (no lyrics), or CLEAN AUDIO STEMS I CAN USE SPOTIFY BASIC PITCH ON.

Large group covers will incur extra fees for each UST I have to tune (anything above 3 or 4 vocalists is considered large).

I will not use the following on tuning commissions: MEL voicebanks, Arpasing voicebanks (unless the configuration is absolutely STELLAR such as Milk or XELTA), CV English, Japanese banks on English songs, banks where I have to re-oto the damn thing to get a good result, and songs with a lot of rapping (I am HORRIBLE at tuning rap).

Voicebanks on multisyllabic lists (VCV, CVVC) may see an additional surcharge if no Guide BGM was used. All VCCV English voicebanks recorded without the Guide BGM will be subject to an extra fee unless you have godlike internal tempo and your recordings somehow fit the base configurations.

I will not oto CV Japanese because I am genuinely terrible at it.

I have the right to refuse clients for any reason.

Clients who are rude or difficult to work with will not get accepted again. Please just be understanding if I run into delays or roadblocks.


VCV Japanese: 20$ + 15$ per additional pitch (If you have an accurate base oto or are a returning client on the same list and BGM, it is 15 per pitch flat rate)

CVVC Japanese: 10$ + 8$ per additional pitch

VCCV English: 25$ per pitch

Erable French: 25$ per pitch

CV-C Multilang: Depends on list size but generally ~15$ per pitch

MEL/SEL: 20$ per pitch

Willing to negotiate: MEL, SEL, Arpasing, nJokis, VCV-E, Delta English, Custom reclists


15$ for 3 min + 5$ per additional minute on a premade UST the voicebank can use or a Japanese song (so long as I have a MIDI). Making a Japanese UST from MIDI is free because it takes me like 5 minutes

I will make and tune an English UST from MIDI/VSQx/SVP/whatever for 25$ for 3min + 5$ per additional minute.

Some songs with several overlapping vocal tracks or overlapping vocals for an extended amount of time will cost extra (an example of what I consider several would be WDTAB for example. This rule does not pertain to harmonies.

Most harmonies will be free so long as it’s not some Beatles shit because those harmonies are COMPLICATED to the point that they’re basically 4 main vocal tracks in terms of the work needed