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Name: Arachne
Age: 22
Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Fashion designer
Ethnicity: French-Canadian
Voice Description: A mezzo-soprano with a mature voice, and voicebanks made with versatility in mind. Available for the voice synthesis software UTAU, Arachne is a free-to-use virtual singer!
Likes: Spicy food, shitposting, fashion, makeup, Minecraft, cats, hard lemonade, when people aren't immediately weirded out by her, fighting people, camping, vegetables, Heelys, the red fox plushie she sleeps with, cooking and baking, The Elder Scrolls, Star Trek, The Orville, doing bong hits into her mic to piss off people in game lobbies, & energy drinks
Dislikes: Sweets, the entire city of Orlando, her boss, the colour chartreuse, being stuck inside for long periods of time, hard seltzer, swimming (makes her hair dye fade), The Big Bang Theory (the show), sand, baby zombies in Minecraft, people knowing that she still sleeps with a plushie, young children (she gets nervous the same way one would when handling an expensive item, plus she hates noise).
Personality: Arachne is an awkward, though extroverted and outgoing young woman. She's kind, caring, and affectionate with the people she cares about, but she's terrible at talking to strangers, which leads to some painfully awkward interactions. She's a talented fashion designer and makeup artist, and a decent cook. She's loyal to a fault, and fairly gullible when it comes to people she trusts. She has degrees in fashion design and accounting.
Arachne is a fairly chaotic person, always getting into trouble or stupid situations for her own amusement, and she can be a bit of a (low stakes) pot-stirrer when it suits her - she's a fair bit smarter than she lets on, but she's not the most academically inclined. Arachne is generally an impulsive person, and she's quick to anger, though she mostly internalizes said anger towards herself when she fucks up. She also is quick to assume that someone is annoyed with her, even if they're not. She can be very anxious and has a slight paranoid streak. She probably also needs to wear less perfume and maybe smoke weed a little less often.
At the lesbian bar she frequents, she keeps infodumping on her fellow patrons about Elder Scrolls metaphysics and Star Trek lore whenever someone shows interest in her. Sometimes it's friendly, sometimes it's a misguided attempt at flirting, and it is never effective.




  • March 10th, 2024Added random quote generator + direct dl links for vbs
  • January 14th/15th, 2024Moved webrings, added a character bio for Arachne. I don't know how the hell I'm gonna get the VocaWebRing to be in one line in the footer but whatever
  • December 7th, 2023 - Added a display strip to homepage. I'm probably going to adjust it a fair amount once I have all the art I need from RiceCristpy
  • October 30th, 2023 - Fixed an issue with Recluse Neo's download
  • September 25th, 2023 - Arachne Readme/Art Update
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